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Jigsaw puzzles are believed to increase the mental power of a person and at the same time, their concentration, sharpness and memory. There is a tendency that we become healthier and more alert while playing such puzzles. Do you know why such is happening? Well, it has something to do with the brain that's divided into 2 parts called as the right and left brains which is dealing with emotional or holistic and creative tasks as well as linear functions or tasks.


If and when we could harness the effects of both sides of the brain, we can get fantastic results and it is possible to achieve this through jigsaws. When working to put a jigsaw puzzle together, you will be using both sides of your brain simultaneously. Left brain is used in order to deal and think sequentially, logically and even deal with symbols while the right brain is thinking more with intuition, concepts and emotions.


While you are working on a jigsaw puzzle, it needs to be studied that there is continuous activity thought that brain which involves all parts and cells of the brain. Intense activity works in exercising brain cells and as a result, activate them and increasing its capacity and efficiency. There've been a number of studies that concluded that people who've been used to completing jigsaw puzzles and crosswords were fully active to have longer life and at the same time, reduced odds of dealing with memory less, dementia, Alzheimer's and several related old age issues.


The brain is producing chemical known as dopamine. This is responsible mainly for memory and learning. Production for such chemical is increased in the brain when it's engaged in solving jigsaw puzzles. The jigsaw puzzles not just improve creativity and expanding thinking ability but also, this is increasing focus, visualization and concentration. The visualization is what helping us go ahead and make physical solution for mental activity. By using the visualization, it is possible to set your mind in attaining almost anything that you want.


By working on jigsaw puzzles and concentrating on same image for prolong period of time, it can turn out like meditation and at the same time, induce a certain level of peace and calmness. Mind will be focused on visualizing the image and focus on it alone while excluding everything around the person. This allows a person to get into a peaceful and meditative state where no thoughts can disturb tranquility. Check out the Ravensberger online to know more.